Okomfo Anokye’s wonders

Some Stunning miraculous wonders by the Asante priest, Okomfo Anokye

As history depicts stories with miraculous  legendary imprinted by the then Asante priest, the unabated few faint denounces it as mere fictions, but hey it’s indeed the truth!

But get this right, No one knows how this great man looked like because, Okomfo Ankoye pictures are just depictions and not the real images. Okomfo Anokye’s death is a thing of mystery as it is not known where he died though some think it’s in Akwapim.
Okomfo Anokye’s statue can be found in Kumasi, and in addition to the statute, the Okomfo Anokye shrine was also constructed to honor the legend.

Okomfo anokye miracles that you should know

He grew a plantain within a couple of hours
It is rumored that okomfo anokye in a single showing, he cooked, planted, grew and harvested a plantain. It is believed that he did this in front of an audience

He could walk through rain without getting wet
Well, wasn’t he a man of wonders. How often do you get rained on even with an umbrella? Well, Okomfo Anokye walked without an umbrella and I guess the rain was afraid of him. But well, he did not get rained on, not even a drop
He grew a palm tree in less than a day
It’s rumored that Okomfo Anokye at one time disposed remnants of palm wine on the floor and immediately gave birth to a palm tree. He would climb the tree thus leaving some of his feet imprints on it
The oil-palm tree is believed to still be in existence. It is harvested yearly and its fruits are shared among the seven adadifo and the towns’ chief
He drained a stream
It is believed that Suben stream was brought to life by Okomfo Anokye. It’s rumored that it was the Agyempansu stream that was drained
He helped teleport his parents One evening when he accompanied them to the farm
It started raining. it is rumored that Okomfo Anokye briefly entered the forest and came back a while later having collected some leaves. He gave his parents the leaves and instructed them to shut their eyes. When they finally open their eyes they miraculously find themselves in their house
He bashed eggs on stone and they did not break
Guess what, it was not just any type of eggs, they were RAW! If all that he did was not enough, well he did this too!
He produced palm wine for his people in case of shortage
It is rumored that Okomfo Anokye would help people get more palm wine by climbing a palm tree and making palm wine flow through one of the branches of the palm tree
He curved the Oware game board all by himself using his two hands
How many people can do this? NONE, is the answer. But he did it with his bare hands. Okomfo Anokye was a man of miracles. The game is still seen in Ghana
He saved a festival
How would anyone feel when their most awaited festival is ruined?
It is believed that one of Okomfo Anokye’s miracles was that he saved a festival by; get this, stopping rain from falling during a festival. He ordered the rain to halt and it adhered to him

The Death Okomfo Anokye
According to the history, Okomfo Anokye did not die but he disappeared. Nobody knows where he was buried or where he went. In his end times, Okomfo Kwame Anokye Frimpon Kotobre gave something to a hunter, which is still used by the chief of Gyasase as part of the heirloom